3 Beauty Essentials Every Woman Needs + A Giveaway!

Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post.! All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own.

Confession: I'm not big on makeup, or really any beauty products. My daily routine normally involves putting on mascara and that's it. But, when I do get the urge to glam up, I go all out leading to using the essentials I think every woman should have in their beauty arsenal. 


1. A gorgeous Highlighter

I never knew how much I loved highlighter until I got Rihanna's trophy wife. The shimmery gold looks perfect on my skin (and really everyone's!). Highlighter has a way of bringing out the best part of your face. I use it to accentuate my cheeks and also my eyelids. Instant glam! 

2. A Fierce Lip Color

Basic chapstick works just fine, but every now and then I like to switch it up. I'm a firm believer in being basic or bold, there's no in between. That's why I think every woman needs one super sassy color lippie that makes them feel like the very best each time she swipes it on.  

3. An awesome teeth-whitening product

"Check out my 100-watt smile!" Eve in Life Size was onto something when she said this! I used to have braces and got them off in the 9th grade. Ever since then I've been smiling as much as I can. And as much as I love to smile, having a super bright smile is essential. Now, teeth whitening can totally be a pain, but with Smile Brilliant I learned that it's easy to get a selfie-ready smile without leaving your own home. (Because did I mention I also HATE going to the dentist? I do.)

Before Smile Brilliant reached out to me about trying their custom fitted teeth whitening kit, I'd only ever tried to whiten my teeth by using the good ole fashioned baking soda trick and retail whitening strips. Neither particularly worked for me, so I admit that I was skeptical at first about trying something else. But, when I read that it was a professional level whitening kit I figured I'd give it a whirl. 

They send you the ingredients to make your own custom trays, and their whitening gel got my teeth looking whiter in just a few days. Best of all it’s gentle enough for sensitive teeth. Affordable at home teeth whitening. It doesn't get better than that. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! 


You can sign up for Smile Brilliant online and receive your tray kit delivered to your door. They provide step by step instructions, along with online videos to help you create your teeth molds. Then you mail your molds using the pre-paid envelope included in your kit and in about two weeks, you receive your new custom trays!

I recommend using the desensitizing gel after each session. This helps keep any sensitivity at bay and allows you to whiten multiple days in a row without discomfort! The recommended starting time is 45 minutes, but you can safely whiten for up to 3 hours. The trays are so comfortable I actually found myself wearing them for about an hour and a half each session! 


Now for the good stuff! the giveaway!

The awesome and incredibly thoughtful team at Smile Brilliant is giving me the opportunity to giveaway one of their amazing kits. The winner of the giveaway will receive a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant’s website to apply towards the kit that best fits his/her needs! To enter the giveaway click here.

You have just 1 week to enter! And this giveaway is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents!

Thank you again Smile Brilliant for working with me and giving the gift of a bright and beautiful smile!

24: The Year I Become "That Girl"

Hey! I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 24. *insert cool glasses-wearing emoji*

If you can't already tell from the photo below I'm pretty excited about turning a year older today. After months of months of waiting and working, finally my special day has arrived! 

I'm confident that this year is going to bring plenty of blessings, new people and changes into my life. And to kick-off the blessings train I'm making the biggest change in myself. This year I'm going to become "that girl." I can picture the look on your face right now. What the heck does that mean? I want to be that girl... 


The girl who celebrates every victory big or small. The one who doesn't care what people think about her posting photos of avocado toast on Instagram. The one who shamelessly shares her career milestones. The girl who unapologetically admits to having terrible anxiety and wears it like a badge of honor. The one who's proud to share with everyone who'll listen that she wants to make films for the rest of her life. Not for fame, or for money but because she freaking loves telling stories.

The girl who won't stop cursing no matter how uncomfortable it makes others. The one who won't be answering the phone for people who only call to bitch about their own lives. The girl who will continue dancing in the mirror until it fogs up signaling she should probably get into the shower. The one who rocks a jean jacket full of enamel pins with confidence. The girl who is proud to admit that she spent the weekend inside playing The Sims 4 and watching Girls Trip for the 100th time.The girl who no longer lets anyone's else's fear of chasing their dreams keep her from chasing her own.

I'm declaring it right now: This year I become the girl I've been all along. The one who's ready to dance it out, stand in the sun and shine. 

Happy birthday to me! Oh, and I'll be excepting cake and tacos all month long.

5 Things That Need To Happen on This Season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ If It’s Going To Be Any Good

As ABC’s longest running show gears up for it’s fourteenth season, each fan has their own idea of just how the doctor’s drama could go down. Whether it be long-awaited hookups or the return of surgeons from the past, every fan is waiting patiently to see what tricks Shonda Rhimes has up her sleeve when season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on September 28!

ABC/Grey's Anatomy

ABC/Grey's Anatomy

While I never know where Shonda is going to take things, I have hope that my long-awaited questions will finally be answered...or rather they better! Fans have been riding this hospital-soap-opera roller coaster for far too long to not see some characters get the happiness (and answers!) they deserve.  

Below, is a list of stuff that either could or should happen come the two-hour premiere, along with a few pipe dreams of stuff that will happen in the fan fiction I write when I’m inevitably disappointed by whatever happens for real.

1. Owen Finally Gets The Family He’s Been Waiting For

If there’s an award for a doctor with the purest heart, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) deserves it. I’ve been rooting for him ever since he pulled an icicle from Cristina Yang’s (Sandra Oh) abdomen in season five. But despite being one the best guys roaming the halls of Grey Sloan, the show’s writers won’t cut him any slack. He’s been fighting to have a family since the beginning of time and even after TWO wives and a broken engagement he still ain’t got one. Fingers crossed that a baby is in his near future, biological or otherwise. And Owen, if Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) won’t do it, call me.

2. Jo and Alex Have to Discuss This Ex-Husband Issue

I know Camilla Luddington was pregnant during last season and all, but this go-round I want some answers. Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Luddington) barely got any screen time last season and I know I speak for most fans when I say we got duped. I desperately wanted to see them have a longer-than-two-minute conversation and to see Alex confront Jo’s ex husband. Luckily, with Matthew Morrison set to reprise his role as the infamous character, I’m confident that this will totally be happening.

3. Maggie Gets a Boyfriend

I love Maggie (Kelly McCreary), but if I have to go another season listening to her whine about being lonely, WITHOUT doing anything to remedy the situation beyond pining for a man who was clearly in love with her half-sister, then I’m going to poke my own eyes out. Maggie, it may be time to download the Tinder app for doctors. (Does that really exist? If not, BRB going to create it.) Part of me hopes she’ll just wise up and get back with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Too bad he’s in love with Jo…

Or wait...maybe her and Jackson (Jesse Williams) will hook up. A step-siblings-in-love storyline? I’m here for it.

4. Riggs and Meredith Make It Work

I’ve waited too long for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to get off this sad, selfish, pity-party train for Shonda to throw her back on it with the (re?)introduction of Owen’s sister and Nathan’s (ex?) fiance. I love Grey’s for the drama, but can Mer catch just one break this season? After surviving two plane crashes/incidents, losing her parents, sister AND husband, raising three kids by her damn self and having her person move away, she deserves a little slice of happiness. So step aside Megan (Abigail Spencer). Nathan (Martin Henderson) has moved on.

5.Cristina Yang Makes a Surprise Cameo

This is total wishful thinking on my part, but how awesome would it be if Amelia, Teddy (Kim Raver) and Cristina all were in Grey Sloan at the same time? Maybe seeing all three women at once would help Owen understand that he doesn’t know how to pick ‘em. Most importantly, the show has been missing it’s badass girl-power moments. Everyone is so wrapped up in their relationship drama that I miss the tunnel-vision way of thinking Cristina had when it came to her career.

Of course, this list could go on for forever and ever, but I’ll hold my other suggestions until after the season premieres. Something tells me that everything is about to get shaken up and I’m so ready for it. Bring it Shonda!

Watch the two-hour season premiere this Thursday September 28 at 8/7c on ABC.