4 Ways Your Twenties Aren't Like The Movies

No doubt about it: your twenties can truly be rough. Whether you're going through college, have already graduated, or trying to find your footing at your first job, your twenties are when all of society's expectations for adulthood come to fruition. 


And just think about it. Like how fun did being in your twenties look on shows like Sex and the City, or movies like 13 Going On 30? Moving to New York right out of college, I definitely thought my life was going be just like Andie Anderson the "how-to" girl in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but like many of you reading this I am forced to admit it: your twenties aren’t a damn thing like the movies.

Instead my twenties are this rollercoaster reality ride that all my binge-watching apparently shielded me from. Fortunately, I caught on quickly and now I'm sharing the four things I wish I knew about life after college. 

1. Your first job likely won’t be your “dream job"

Carrie Bradshaw got her sex column just like that and Elle Woods went straight from college to Harvard Law to working at a firm, but the rest of us? We're left struggling to find our footing in the real world, and have adopted a "fake it till we make it" attitude to get us through our meek entry-level jobs day in and day out. 

2. That #goals girl squad *may* take awhile to get

No great 20-something-year-old's movie is complete with an awesome group of girlfriends correct?  They don’t show this on TV, but this will be your first social life reality check. In a new city, with your college friends likely scattered everywhere across the country, it's inevitable that you might find yourself alone. And finding a new crew isn't always as easy as it was during sorority mixers. Instead there will be many nights spent watching Netflix. Alone. With takeout. In your pajamas. With Wine. Shall I keep going? 

3. A massive, exposed brick apartment with a balcony? Keep dreaming

And I'm not just talking about New York either. Unless you're a trust fund baby (and I doubt most of us are. To you lucky few...I hate you.), the only thing you'll be able to afford is a hole-in-the-wall apartment shared with two to three other roommates. There is one upside though. You will have gone from cooking your ramen in the microwave, to cooking it on an actual stove. #Winning And how awesome is that?

4. Dating in the real world? What's that?

In an ideal world, you'd be able to walk into a bar like Andie Anderson and leave on the back of a hot guy's motorcycle....the one who you'd eventually fall madly in love with. And who'd chase after you on the aforementioned motorcycle, blah, blah, blah. Too bad, that's more than likely not going to happen in your twenties. If you're lucky, you might SEE a lot cute guys and maybe even score a number or two, but the vast majority of twenty-somethings love lives resemble those found in How to Be Single vs The Vow, The Notebook or any other Nicholas Sparks movie. 

In short, your twenties are everything but smooth, but *that's* the silver lining in it all. Movies are one and done in the happy moments department. Now life,it has a special way of giving our twenties a smorgasbord of chaos, uncertainty and a strangely exhilarating journey of discovery that even Hollywood couldn't dream of. So live it up! There's no rewind button around here.