Everything I Loved About Netflix's "Dear White People"

Full of laughs, cringe-worthy moments, and few eye-rolling encounters that just about every Black person can relate to, Dear White People just might be Netflix gold. 

Dear White People, Netflix's newest satirical series focuses on students at a predominantly white Ivy League school, where racial tension is steady brewing beneath the school's pristine surface. Through a millennial lens, the students of Winchester University navigate various microaggressions, cultural bias, and social injustices, and I loved every second of it. 

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

The 2014 movie, written and directed by Justin Simien, was amazing, but this series was absolutely EVERYTHING. Woke, funny, relatable, irritating, well-written, amazing acting...it was just simply phenomenal. There wasn't a single moment that I wasn't laughing, screaming "YASS" at the computer screen, irritated by the ignorant comments of the non-minorities, or a combo of all three. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, go now! It's definitely a must-see. I loved 13 Reasons Why and Girlboss as much as the next Netflix-obsessed millennial, but DWP definitely takes the cake for best show currently streaming. From the infinite pop-culture references, to the relatable hair moments, here's 17 of my favorite things from the first season.  

1. How every episode was told through a different characters point of view. 

Finally someone said it: All black people don't look OR think alike. 

2. The Scandal parody. 

SMH. Olivia and Fitz just can't get it together anywhere can they? And the watch party for it? Priceless! 

3.The shout out to self-care. 

Newsflash: I can be woke without protesting all of the time. 

4. Lionel's naivety. 

So young and so damn slow. 

5. The defense of loving Dionne in Clueless, but hating Stacey Dash.

Fact: I'll never stop loving her in Clueless and that's that. 

6. All of the eye-candy. 

Reggie (aka Marque Richardson), marry me.

7. Macaroni Wednesdays. 

Can we make this an actual thing?

8. The guilt one feels for watching reruns of The Cosby Show.

Don't judge me. I promise I'm watching it for Phylicia Rashad. 

9. How the show tackled racism, colorism, sexism, police brutality-ism.

Basically every -ism you can think of. 

10. Kelsey and Sorbet (the dog!) 

Like literally everything Kelsey said was quotable goals.

11. The Drake and Degrassi joke. 

Before 'Hotline Bling' he was wheelchair Jimmy. And full transparency, I didn't take his rapping serious back then. 

12. Coco getting a weave.

Girl, those were the times. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. 

13. The Portrayal of the excitement felt, when we realize we're not the "only one" in the room. 

"Yay! Another black person," said every black person ever. *Sigh*

14. Reggie's episode.

So much truth. I was literally shaking with anger, and while I won't spoil it for you. THIS is the episode you better watch, if for some strange reason you decide not to watch it all (but, you totally should).

15. Coco's self-preservation comment. 

Sometimes an unpopular opinion, but definitely necessary. No one will remember us if we're dead. Sometimes biting our tongue and fighting to survive is exactly what *we* need to do. 

16. How well meaning, but clueless poor Gabe was. 

Poor guy couldn't win for losing. Can we start a GoFund me for him?

17. What Troy did when Coco's wig came off. 

#BoyfriendGoals. Whenever I get another boyfriend, I want one exactly like this! (Well, maybe not exactly.)

FACT: this list could go on and on for forever. But I don't want to spoil anything for you. So, go check it out for yourself! Like now. Trust me, you'll love it too. 

Have you seen Dear White People yet? What did you think? Let me hear about it in the comments!