Fun Facts

It's sharing time! I've been debating on doing a post like this for a while now and finally decided that it was time. I always love reading personal posts about my favorite bloggers. It makes me feel like we actually know each other and could be friends in real life. So, without further adieu here are 11 fun and random facts about little ole me! 

1. I got my braces taken off the second week of 9th grade. I got them on in middle school, wore them for a little over two years and absolutely loved them. Especially when I had a rubber band that went diagonally across my mouth. 

2. I'm addicted to playing The Sims. Most of the time on the weekends I'm holed up in my room, lost in a fictional universe. And I know plenty of cheat codes so my Sims live forever...muah ha ha ha!

3. I have a thing for colorful pens. Well really, school supplies in general. And they're not your typical black/blue/basic color combo. There of the highest quality, patterns, etc. and I love each item like they were my kids. I may not be in school, but every September you can catch me in Target at the back to school sales. 

4. I tend to watch movies over and over and over again. For the most part, it's because they're so damn enjoyable, but also because I like to learn the words. I want to be a screenwriter and the say the best way to learn about what makes a good story is to watch + read plenty of them. So hey, I'm just studying up. 

5. Plenty of people know that I met and interviewed Viola Davis, but I've also had Kelly Rowland compliment my hair, Tia Mowry remember me AND put me on her Instagram. I've also taken a spin class with Lea Michelle and Hillary Duff, done gymnastics with former Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes, and had breakfast with Vanessa Williams. 

6. I have two middle names--Nicole-Kalani. The second of which is Hawaiian. Although I've never been to Hawaii. I thought my parents gave me the name "Kalani" in homage to the time they lived in Hawaii before I was born, but no. My grandmother randomly suggested it as a joke and it stuck. 

7. I'm "double-jointed" in my shoulders. Basically, if you've ever been to a circus freak show, I could be one of the performers. One of my favorite things to show kids is how I can clasp my hands behind my back (like I'm being arrested) and then I bring them over my head, still together, and then step through them and pull 'em back. Tada! 

8. My dream brunch guests include Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay, Gina Prince Bythewood, Mara Brock Akil, Courtney Kemp, Natasha Rothwell and Tracy Oliver. They're all screenwriters amongst other things.. So, basically I want to have a writer's gab over chicken wings and mimosas. 

9. I am terribly afraid of holes. Like a series of holes, honeycomb, etc. Google it, I'm not the only one. I only discovered this fear by scrolling down the internet one day. Seeing pictures of the holes gave me the heebie-jeebies and I learned that it's an actual phobia. Oh, also: plush character costumes. Super gory horror movies? Love 'em. Holes and mascots? I'll pass.  

10. I almost got "expelled" from college from dancing on a cafeteria table. I use the word expelled loosely because I still feel like that was nothing more than a really bad idle threat. I was at a silent disco event and got dared to get up on the table and twerk when my favorite song came on. After everyone turned to look at me and a quick panic attack occurred I did it. Now every time that song comes on EVERYONE at my old university looks around for me or makes a joke about it. Good times. 

11.  If I could create a dream line up for a once in a life time concert it would include: New Edition, Beyonce, Whitney Houston (I know. That's why it's a dream remember), TLC, Soalnge, Trina, Kehlani and Usher. 

What's something random about yourself? Let me hear in the comments!