6 Work-Life Lessons From HBO's 'Insecure'

In case you missed the news, Insecure is returning for season 2 this July (July 23, to be exact!) and the awkward black girl that is me couldn't be more excited! Before this hit series, the brainchild of writer/actress Issa Rae, I never really saw myself reflected on TV. Sure, I saw black women here and there, but never ones that were as awkward and quirky as me (with the exception of maybe Joan Clayton on Girlfriends) Needless to say: this show has truly become one of my favorites. 

But in addition to the personality similarities, Insecure does a great job of mirroring real-life situations; particularly the ones having to do with work. In between my giggles and "yes girl" commentary while watching the show, I found myself taking notes on how the characters handled various situations at work. Here's everything I learned.

1. always keep your cool

The first lesson came at the top of the first episode. The kids at the school Issa works with through her non-profit job clowned the hell out of her about her career choice, hairstyle and "white-sounding" voice. But while she was clearly taken aback and uncomfortable, she managed to keep her cool, crack a few jokes, and narrowly hide her awkwardness. Staying cool, calm, and collected isn't always the easiest thing (and Lord knows I know this to be true), but taking the professional road will undoubtably lead to more success than failure. 

2. Save the private convos for after-work...

...or at least until you're in a room alone. Molly's co-worker Diane eavesdropped on her conversation per usual, but one time she accidentally revealed Molly was dating someone new while she was on the phone with a guy she'd recently friend-zoned. Wouldn't have been a big deal, except Molly was trying to keep her options open, girl and Diane playing the guessing game only threw salt in the plan. Note to self: If I'm juggling multiple bachelors and sharing an office with a nosey co-worker, take all calls outside. 

3. Step out of your comfort Zone

Absolutely nothing , nothing, nothing grows in your comfort zone. Issa knows this all to well, particularly in the first episode when she's interested in impressing her ex. So despite her insecurities she gets on stage at an open mic night and raps an original piece about her BFF Molly's um, lady bits. While this move caused more harm than good down the line for Issa, in the real-world taking risks after making a solid plan (i.e. career changes, big moves) can pay off big time. 

4. Don't engage in ignorant ass co-worker convos

As someone else who's also a "token" in my office, I refuse to answer ignorant ass questions like the ones Issa's We Got Y'all co-workers asked. Luckily, I haven't really got any. At least not yet. Still, I have to say that nothing good can ever come from feeding into BS like this. The same thing goes for listening to office gossip around the non-existent water cooler (do they even have these anywhere, anymore?) or liking/responding to shady group chat messages. 

5. Don't be anyone's scape goat

Molly's bosses thought they had found a fool when they asked her to check her less-than-professional-at-times new colleague. But, Molly wasn't interested in scolding one of the only other black women at her law firm; espeically when doing so was completely out of her responsibility and pay-grade. And I don't blame her. Sure, it's great to help out in different areas here and there at work, but not at the expense of putting others down or making yourself look crazy. 

6. Bathroom mirrors are for more than selfies

Issa has taught us that if ever you need to vent or to pep yourself up before an important talk/presentation, the bathroom mirror is the perfect item to turn to. For far too long we’ve been under-utilizing and minimizing their power by taking useless selfies, when they were clearly meant for more. Not only can the mirror provide a judgment-free zone , but a few seconds of smiling at ourselves and repeating motivating mantras might be just what we need to slay the day. 

Are you excited for season two of Insecure? What lessons did you learn from season one?
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