How To Celebrate Valentines Day If You're Single & Just Wanna Have Fun

Because pizza and romcoms are better than any boyfriend I've ever had. 


To quote the amazing Queen Bey: all the single ladies (put your hands up)! Forget that whole ring thing and instead take a moment to wave your hands side-to-side. Feels good, doesn't it? I'm talking about the awesome moment when you realize you're all you've got this V-Day. No one to check in with, everyone to check out. 

You phenomenal queen this day is all about you. And on the days when it's all about you, there's no time to sit around and wallow about the love you're missing. Instead, if you're like me, you'll spend the day pampering yourself, indulging in foods you love and enjoying all that you can about life, while also counting down the hours until the Valentines Day candy goes on sale. Score!

Look, I'll be honest: the world doesn't need any more negative Nancy's. Instead of walking around screaming "f*** love," embrace your singledom and have fun!

If you're single and rolling solo instead of with the homies (that was a Clueless reference for all those who missed it), I've got a few simple ideas for how to spend the day celebrating. So get all dressed up or throw on your favorite silk pajamas/comfy sweater and do the following: 

Reflect on All The Great Things In Your Life

Just stop for a second and look around: look at your friends, your family, your career, your support network, hell look at yourself in the mirror. You have tons to be grateful for and lots of positive things to focus on today. Whip out a journal or download a gratitude app (my favorite is Grateful) and get to reflecting on the good. 

Upgrade your coffee order

Ditch your basic, morning cup of joe. Instead, spring for a fancy latte and grab that chocolate croissant you've been eying. It'll start your day (or afternoon) on a high note!

Make Yourself a fancy dinner

Because who doesn't like good food? You don't have to have a partner to eat well on Valentines Day. Whip yourself up something nice, or do like I plan to and order in. Note: this is your own personal version of fancy. I'm all for pizza or tacos or chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, while you might prefer a steak and potatoes spread or pasta. It's all up to you.

Bake something sweet

Damn the calories! Today have yourself a cookie, some cake, a brownie, ice cream, fro-yo, or all four. One day of indulgence won't kill you. And if it does, at least you will have died happy. 

Get your groove on

Like I always say: life is too short not to dance in your bedroom mirror. Blast a song that makes you feel amazing and get to dancing. Just be sure your floor is clear. You don't want to slip on a bunch of shoes when you start to get into the chorus. Not that that's ever happened to me or anything. 

Pamper Yourself

Make today an at-home spa day or night! A face-mask, afternoon trip to the nail salon, a special massage courtesy of your removal shower head? Ah, yes!

Update your bucket list

Or create a vision board. This is more than likely what I'll be doing and I'm not ashamed to say that I'll be putting Michael B. Jordan's face front and center on it.  Don't judge! I'm manifesting my goals, that way I'm hopefully not single next Valentines Day. 

Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Bonus points if it's something featuring a strong female lead(s) like Jane The Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Living Single or Insecure!

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Normally you might feel guilty about online shopping, but today is Valentines Day and you're single dammit, which means you deserve something special. (On second thought, don't listen to me if you're struggling for money right now. Those shoes can wait, girl.)

Write yourself a love letter

You're a special kind of somebody and you deserve a little loving from your #1 fan: yourself! Bonus points if you handwrite it on fancy stationary. 

What are you planning on doing this Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments!