How to Make the Most of Self-Care Sundays

Hands down my favorite day of the week has always has been Sunday. In my humble opinion, Sunday's are just the best days to get things done, or to do absolutely nothing at all. I mean c'mon who doesn't love a lazy Sunday?

This is the reason I stress the importance of taking a chill day before the week starts. After grinding five days a week (or more!) at work and then trying to squeeze in a social life on Friday and Saturday nights, I don't see any reason not to have a self-care Sunday! They're fun, productive, and literally the nicest thing you can do for yourself. And trust me, your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

DISCLAIMER: Self-care Sundays DO NOT need to be expensive. For so long, I kept myself from celebrating them because not having an extra $300 to drop to do self-care the "right way" was stressful. Luckily, I found a few simple and expensive ways to make the practice work for me. And here's how you can make the most of your "me-day."

Find Your Mood Music

While I can't sing to save my life, my Sunday ritual always begins with dancing and singing in my bathroom mirror. Whether I'm lip-syncing or not depends on if my roommates are home, but regardless the right song has a way of boosting my mood and helping me relax. Grab your phone, pull up Spotify and blast a song that transforms you to a happy, motivated, or calming space. 

My go-to: I like upbeat songs for my mirror dances so I turn to Whitney Houston, but for calm moments or meditation it's all about Solange. 

Eat Something You Love

Oh, a cookie? Don't mind if I do. Sundays aren't the day to stick to a strict diet or deprive yourself of that cake you've been craving. Self-care is all about living your best life and making yourself feel good and if that means eating the forbidden non-fruit, then so be it. 

My go-to: Tacos! Tacos! And oh yeah, tacos! Any Sunday I have a  chance I get to have them, I do and I've never felt better.

REcharge your soul

Yoga may not be my thing, but meditating I can get behind. A 2005 study at Harvard Medical School found that meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex, the area of your brain associated with attention and self-awareness. Plus, relaxing your body and mind with meditation helps you to stay centered when you inevitably encounter those everyday stressors—NYC train traffic, anyone? I sip a smoothie filled with Spirit Dust and think about my intentions with crystals in hand for just a few minutes every Sunday and instantly feel more centered. 

My go tos: Moon Juice's Spirit Dust, $30 and my healing crystals from Karma Bliss.

Treat Your Skin

Skin care during your self-care is a must. I was never really a fan of face masks until a few friends suggested I give them a try and now I love them! The best part is that most are super cheap (and still of quality) so you can have an at-home spa excursion without the itchy bath robes. 

My go to: Lush Oatfix Fresh Face Mask, $9

Journal like no one's reading

For Christmas every year growing up I always asked for the same exact thing: the latest Password Journal. Something about writing down my thoughts, feelings, and crushes names 100x in a locked diary was calming. But, I stopped journaling the older I got and just recently started again. Now, in addition to thoughts, feelings and even some poems, my journal includes colorful doodles and inspirational stickers. It's a great way to unwind and get everything I'm thinking (and with my anxiety that's a lot) off my chest and out of my head. Clarity is key when it comes to self-care and journaling is the easiest way to achieve that. 

 My go-to: Shonda Rhimes' Year of Yes journal, $13

Crack Open a Good Book

Have I mentioned how much I love reading? Books, magazines, literally anything with words! Getting lost in a good story gives me the warm and fuzzies and I'm sure the same will happen to you. Seriously, just unplug for a few hours and turn the page, and then the next one. And if you're looking for book inspiration check out this summer reading guide

My go-to: Magazines! My favorite weekend reading material is and will forever be glossies. Good Housekeeping, Glamour, ESSENCE, Cosmopolitan, ELLE: all my faves.

Netflix and Actually Chill

No, don't do the millennial chill. Actually sit back and stream your favorite shows with no shame. Getting lost in the complicated lives of other people, especially one's that are fictional, can help you forget about your own work woes and relationship problems. Plus it's just effing entertaining and fun to watch TV--and a good laugh is always good for your health

My go-to: Right now, I'm catching up on these shows (and always looking for more suggestions!).  

Do you treat yourself on self-care Sundays? If so, how? Let me hear in the comments!