8 Morning Affirmations to Slay The Day

Did you know that the first hour of your morning routine is crucial?


How did you start your day today? When you woke up, what were the first words you said? What did you think about? What did you say to yourself when you looked in the mirror brushing your teeth? When were you taking a shower? How you spend that first hour after waking up will determine your experience of the rest of your day.

Therefore skip the negative talk and instead repeat one of these positive affirmations to yourself each morning to jumpstart your day with good vibes. Give yourself a few dedicated minutes, in a quiet space, to really feel these words as you repeat them. You can read the affirmations quietly, or say them loud, or even shout them to yourself in the mirror with a smile. There’s absolutely no wrong way to do it!

  1. Today is going to be a great day.
  2. I am grateful and today wonderful things will unfold in front of me. 
  3. I begin my day with calmness and confidence.
  4. I am enough. 
  5. I get to choose the woman I want to be today.
  6.  I am beautiful, strong, and powerful. 
  7. Today I will give love and spread positivity to those around me.
  8. Today will be a beautiful adventure.

Have any other affirmation suggestions? Let me hear about them in the comments!