7 Motivating Mugs Every Coffee Lover Needs

Start your day with a latte and a little boost of happiness!


As someone who lives in a super cold city, drinks a lot of coffee — like A LOT — and that lives with a roommate obsessed with drinking tea every morning, it's no surprise that I own a ton of mugs. Some are punny, a few say "I LOVE NY," but the majority of them are ultra motivational. And I absolutely love them and am constantly adding more to my collection. 

Why mugs? I'm really big on buying products that give me a dose of inspiration each time I use them and there are plenty of mugs that fit the bill. Plus t they're useful and perfect for creating a dope #MondayMotivation Instagram photo. Here are seven ultra motivating mugs that I would recommend any coffee/tea/hot chocolate lover add to their arsenal. Best of all, they're all under $20! (Note the photos are shown in order with the list)

1. Morning Mantra, daisynatives.com

As you sip get ready for a day filled with more dreaming, more dancing, more creating and overall just more good vibes. 

2. Never Stop Growing, papersource.com

You live and you learn, no shame in that. And this mug is dedicated to the inevitable glow up. Get ready to shine! 

3. Hashtag Sleigh, papyrus.com

Yes it's true: you did wake up like this. This mug will encourage you to channel your inner Queen Bey and you the rest..

4. Take Delight in the Rain, papyrus.com

Today's forecast? Cloudy with a chance of dancing in the rain!

5. Hello, Gorgeous, target.com

For those mornings when it's a struggle to apply eyeliner without crying. Girl, you don't need it! 

6. You're The Best, target.com

Phenomenal woman? That's me!

7. Babes Who Get Shit Done, shopluella.com

That's you! Well, after you have your morning coffee. 

Don't you love motivational mugs? Let me know where you get your faves! I'm always on the hunt for more!