The 6 People You Meet In College, As Told By Grown-ish

I can't be the only one completely obessesd with grown-ish. It's rare to find a college-centric, coming of age show (or movie) that features multi-dimensional people of color. Fortunately, that's exactly what the world got with the premiere of grown-ish on Jan. 3. 


In the first episode viewers were re-introduced to Zoey Johnson, played by teen icon Yara Shahidi, and her eccentric group of new college friends — whom she dubbed her own version of The Breakfast Club. Each one had their own story and unqiue personality that mirrors the kinds of people everyone finds their freshman year in college. 

And they are:

1. The person who'll never fail to tell you exactly what they're thinking

giphy (1).gif

Luca has no filter. And unfortunately (but also fortunately) there's always someone in college just like him. Whether they're telling you your outfit would look better back at Goodwill or that you need to get your ish together, turn to this person whenever you're looking for the cold hard truth. 

2. The person who has super ambitious goals

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The Nomi in college is the person that will inspire you to believe that no dream is too big of a dream. Whether it's to score a top internship, run for SGA president or to hook up with a teacher's assistant in the middle of the radio station that you're longing to do, this person's fearless, can-do attitude is infectious. 

3. The person who talks non-stop about their vegan lifestyle

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No, for the 100000th time I DO NOT want a damn veggie burger. Let's face it: this person can be hella annoying. Like do they not understand that college kids are on a budget? Lettuce costs way more than 99 cent nuggets. Just saying. 

And yes I know there's more that goes into being a vegan. *rolls eyes*

4. The go-to person on campus for drugs


You know if you're into that sort of thing or the other. This guy (or hey, gal) will most definitely cross paths with you. Just make sure to get them their money. And on time. You don't want to get a visit from the Lil Papas, Big Worms, Nino Browns of the world.

5. The person who's bae, but doesn't actually realize they're bae yet

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So in the meantime, you just keep stalking them. And planning your wedding in your head. And scrolling down their Instagram page. Sooooo, when exactly do they realize they're bae? Right when you accidentally like a picture. Yikes. 

6. The person who'll become your late-night dance partner

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Dancing in a dorm room is so much more fun when you've got a dope friend with you. This is the person who'll be the maid of honor in that previously mentioned wedding. You know, the one that will definitely happen if you don't take this person's advice to stop watching bae's snaps over and over and over again. 

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All photos and videos courtesy of Freeform