Pitch Perfect 3 Perfectly Sums Up Millennial Adulting

Don't worry there's no spoilers!


The Bellas are back pitches! And this time they're going on a farewell tour!

While visiting my parents in Louisiana I swung by my favorite place (i.e. the movie theater) and caught the final installment in the musical trilogy. While nothing can top the original film, I can honestly say that Pitch Perfect 3 was aca-awesome simply because it was real

After the highs of winning the world championships, the eccentric group of friends, formerly (but still holding onto the title) known as The Barden Bellas, finds themselves split apart and discovering that there's more to life than acapella. When they get the chance to reunite for an overseas military tour, this group of awesome nerds comes together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, for one last time

The first film was all about the beginning of Beca's college career. The second one focused on her and the other Bellas coping with senioritis. And Pitch Perfect 3 perfectly summed up what post-grad life is like. I'm coming up on my third year, post-college and I can honestly say that it's been a struggle at times. Like the Bellas, seeing people still in college move on without you while you struggle to pay rent, successfully date, and attempt to climb the corporate ladder is hard. Extremely hard.  

Graduating can make you feel alone. Lost. Worried. Afraid. Although it's natural and everyone goes through these  phases, it doesn't make this time period easy. New grads are often too ashamed to admit they're struggling, much like the Bellas were. 

For the entire 90 or so minutes, each of the ladies was smacked with a heaping dose of adulting reality. And at times, especially for Beca, that pill was a hard one to swallow. Luckily, the ladies all handled the transition with as much humor and grace as one possibly can when they discover acapella doesn't pay the bills — or help you win a fancy singing contest hosted by DJ Khaled. 

True to the Pitch Perfect blueprint laid out by the other films, this one was full of plenty of fun acapella numbers and Fat Amy jokes. At times I do wish there was more singing happening, but I understood that time had to be redistributed to wrap up each of the Bellas' storylines. Other pros for the film are Fat Amy's rather interesting backstory explained, all the girl power vibes, the acapella announcers who always make the most hilarious, outlandish jokes, and the throwback highlight reel of everyone's favorite aca-b*tches during the credits. 

Is this an Oscar-worthy film? By no means. But if you're looking for a good time — smiles, laughs and a few tears — then this is the movie for you.

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 3? Will you? Let me hear in the comments!