11 Gifts For The Pop-Culture Queen In Your Life

Before you subject the leading lady in your life to yet another pair of useless fuzzy socks or a gift set of scents, spring for something a little more quirky, inspired by some of 2017's top pop-culture moments.


Snow Falling book from Jane The Virgin, $10

It’s been a lifetime (and nearly four seasons) in the making, but Jane Gloriana Villanueva's debut novel is finally here and available to purchase IRL. According to the synopsis, Snow Falling is "a sweeping historical romance set in 1902 Miami," and if it's anything like the show it's sure to be equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. 

Hidden Figures sticker, $4

Pay homage to the badass women who put America back in the space race with this "Yes We Can" spirited STEM sticker starring Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. 

CUISINART Popcorn Maker, $40

I know. I'm sad too. After seven long and twisty seasons, Scandal is officially coming to an end in 2018. And if I know Shonda Rhimes, some curveballs are definitely coming. So get your wine and popcorn ready with this easy-to-use popper. Bottles sold separately.

Wonder Woman Ring, $30

The Justice League wouldn't be anything without this fearless woman. Channel humanity's most gracious superhero, who lit up screens this year with her magic, by rocking this 14K ring on your finger. And who knows? It might even transform you into DC's next heroine.

"Team Issa" mug from Insecure, $17

Are you a member of LawrenceHive or Team Issa? If you're on the winning team (i.e. Issa), rep it proudly each and every morning with this simple coffee mug that represents a whole lot of awkward moments, a lackluster love life, and an appreciation for bathroom mirror raps. 

"What Would Beyoncé Do?" desk plaque, $30

Queen Bey not only gave the world two more bundles of joy to fawn over but also selflessly gave back to thousands of people affected by the hurricanes. This desk accessory is perfect for the moments when you're stuck between being the ultimate girl boss or giving back. And hey, you can't go wrong either way. 

Grey's Anatomy's "Cristina Is My Spirit Animal" sweater,  $40

After 14 seasons and 300+ episodes I still can't get enough of Grey's, and if you're like me you're still missing Cristina. Not only did she add the perfect amount of sarcasm to the tear-jerking series, but no one inspired us more than her ambitious self. Show your love for the beloved character this winter with this cozy and comfy knit. 

Trophy Wife highlighter from Fenty BEauty, $34

If you've ever wanted to glow like Rihanna, here's your chance. This bold and bright highlighter works with any skin tone, expertly completes any look and will have Tinder dates lining up to stand under your umbrella, ella, ella, eh. Yay!

Stranger Things Barb Poster $16

A moment of silence for Barb. Though she was somewhat of a minor character, fans of the show can't help but mourn the plaid-wearing redhead. Keep her memory alive while supporting the arts with this minimalist portrait. 

A Wrinkle In Time enamel pin, $10

If you're excited about the release of fearless director Ava DuVernay's latest masterpiece in March than you need this bookish pin inspired by the classic novel. Speaking of the film...BRB...going to watch the trailer for the 100th time this week. 

Cardi B enamel pin, $13

If 2017 was anyone's year it was Cardi B's. The rapper's single "Bodak Yellow" peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the first female rapper to top the chart with a solo output since 1998. Then she got engaged in the cutest way ever wearing the most secure wig of all time. Celebrate this superstar "fo'eva" with this lively and larger than life pin. 

What are you getting for the leading ladies in your life this year? Let me hear in the comments!