Sorry, Not Sorry: 14 Things Women Should Never Apologize For

These days, the phrase “I’m sorry” is used more often than ever before. (Guilty as charged!) In an effort to combat society’s stereotypes of us and appear as non-threatening as possible we constantly apologize for things like our looks, our ambitions and our love lives. But ladies, enough is enough! Just like anyone else we have a right to own these things and live unapologetically. Therefore here are 14 things we should never apologize for.


Having an Opinion

The “overly-emotional woman” stereotype doesn’t seem like it’s going away so just do you boo. Speak your mind respectfully and say what you’re feeling even if others don’t like it.

Not Wanting Children

Somewhere, somehow we got the rep of being baby-crazed, nurturers. Not always true. When it comes to kids, one size does not fit all and that’s perfectly fine. Never feel the need to justify your reasons for wanting to just be the “cool aunt” forever.

Being Ambitious

People will try to tell you that you can only achieve so much as a woman of color—don't listen to them. Barrel right through that and never say sorry about working your behind off.

Having Feelings

The world might think we’re cold and abrasive, but we get emotional too. And hey, it’s natural! Cry. Laugh. Smile. Yell. Whatever you’re feeling, let it show.

Your Quirky Hobbies

I like to sticker up my planner on the weekends. And?

Your Obsession with Male Celebs

So what if you spend your evenings fantasizing about Michael B. Jordan and Chris Pine. Doesn’t everyone?

Watching Reality TV Shows

Enjoy Real Housewives, Love and Hip Hop or The Bachelorette? Own it.

Saying 'No' To Going Out

It's understandable and essential to maintaining sanity—not selfish. You only have one life and the only person that is always going to be there is yourself. Always make sure that you are happy and okay.

Your Success

Chances are you've gotten at least one comment implying that you've only gotten what you have because of some sort of handout or “system.” But remember you've gotten to where you are because you worked hard and don't let people tell you otherwise.

Not Wearing Makeup

Unlike Beyoncé I have no desire to look Flawless all of the time.

Your Curves (or lack of curves!)

Every size is beautiful! And let’s be completely real, black women slay regardless of pants size.

Your Sub-Par Cooking Skills

Excuse me, but we don’t exist just to be Susie homemaker. If you can throw down in the kitchen snaps to you. If not don’t apologize for ordering takeout or only volunteering to bake the cornbread at Thanksgiving.

Splurging on Shoes

Or bags. Or jewelry. You see it. You want it. Work hard and grind 'til you own it.

Being You

Need I say more?