6 TV Leads Who Describe Me Almost Perfectly

Ever watch a show, see one of the characters and think "that's so me?" Yeah, this happens to me literally all the time. I'm just flipping through channels and before I know it, *bam* I see my fictional Sasha Fierce.  Every. Single. Time. I love this because one of the best parts of watching television is being able to see characters face and tackle the same issues we also encounter on a daily basis.  

And, to identify with so many complex ambitious, female characters of color in this day and age is pretty much a damn miracle, so I'm especially grateful. 

In homage to TV "spirit animals," here are the six leading ladies I find super relatable. They're not (err, were not) always the nicest, the most confident or the best at making good decisions when it counts, but nonetheless, they're just like me. 

Aisha Campbell, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Every 90s kid had their favorite Power Ranger, and despite the main color of this blog I always wanted to be Aisha, the (second) yellow ranger played by Karan Ashley. Possessing an African name meaning "life," Aisha was optimistic, bubbly, and full of energy. As a friend, she was warm and loving, but honest and definitely not afraid to speak her mind. Like me, she came from a middle-class family, liked to dance (presumably better than me!), was a good writer and even was a member of the Angel Girls' Club, a sorority-type organization at Angel Grove High. See, we're twins!

Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy

Tough and driven, Dr. Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) doesn't let anyone or anything get in her way. She's determined to be the best, even if that means making big sacrifices along the way, just as I do. But, despite her go-getter attitude she's caring and will always be there for her person when needed. (Note to Shonda Rhimes: Bring back Yang!)

Issa Dee, Insecure


After years of watching TV, I finally I found someone who matches my level of awkward, insecure, quirkiness. Issa Dee (played by show creator and actress Issa Rae) is the unconventional, but charming leading lady I can 100% see myself in. I dance and talk to myself in the mirror, have been told I sound "white," and can be bit of an over thinker just like her. 

Jodie landon, Daria


Jodie was one of the few “cool kids” in Daria who wasn’t shallow, and could form an intelligent sentence that didn’t involve boys or makeup. She dropped thought-provoking knowledge so eloquently that she made me say, “wait, did she just go there?” Like her, I'm no stranger to being one of the only black faces in white spaces and can frequently be found making quick-witted, sarcastic comments when with my unenlightened peers. 

Mary Jane Paul, Being Mary Jane

  BET/Being Mary Jane

On the surface, Mary Jane Paul (played by Gabrielle Union) seems to have it all: a successful cable news show, lots of friends, a loving family, and a gorgeous wardrobe, but underneath it all is a love life in shambles, family struggles and a nagging fear of failing to acocomplish her goals. MJ represents the side of me that's ambitious, but also fearful of being alone forever. 

Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty

  ABC/Ugly Betty

Sweet, good-natured, mild-mannered geek Betty Suarez (Played by America Ferrera) proves that an individual doesn't have to sacrifice her personality or values to get ahead. A quirky style and love of magazine is something we both share, in addition to the talent of remaining resilient and excited despite of all the conspiracies, drama and heartbreak we suffer.