'Wonder Woman' Is The Superhero Movie I've Been Waiting For

"Damn. I want to be an Amazon when I grow up." This is the first thought I had when the opening credits of Wonder Woman were gone, and the action started. By the end credits three words can sum up exactly how I felt:

Inspired. Mesmerized. Proud.

Photo Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

I expected to love Wonder Woman, because let's be real it's Wonder Woman, but I didn't expect to feel joy so real that I teared up multiple times. Watching it felt like a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone — a female director to be  correct — made a female-led superhero movie that’s beyond amazing and pretty much wiped the floor with some of the crappy male-dominated superhero movies we've gotten lately. 

According to the The Hollywood ReporterWonder Woman has grossed $100.5 million in American box offices so far, officially making it the "biggest opening ever for a female director." Pretty impressive if you ask me. 

From the very first scenes I was in awe. The story begins on the paradise island of Themyscira with a beautiful community of warrior women. A young Diana run around, eyes wide with curiosity, as she tries to learn as much as she can. She sneaks away from her mother to watch General Antiope (Robin Wright) train her fellow Amazons. Her smile grows bigger as she watches the women fight one another and hone their skills mimicking their movements eager to prove herself worthy of joining them despite her mother's disapproval.

And everything about these scenes is stunning. The stunts. The setting. The camera angles and shots. The dialogue. It’s all so damn perfect. Then after some more rising action the movie really takes off and the golden standard of action stars a.k.a. Gal Gadot takes center screen. Fun fact: the veteran Israeli army soldier wished for a role of Wonder Woman’s caliber when she first began acting eight years ago and from the moment she appears on screen she proved that she was built for this. 

Best of all, as the movie progresses and the action heightens we find that Diana is a hero unlike any other, even her male peers, as she battles and leads with both justice and the purest love in her heart.

For context, in one particular scene Diana is rushed through a trench as she and her team run out of time to stop the evil plot. But as she moves forward, she sees not only the mission but also the people. Soldiers fatally wounded and others running scared. A woman refugee explains that her village is being destroyed. Diana can't take that. She can't stand by so close and watch so much suffering when something, anything, can be done and so she charges across the battlefield beautifully showing the strength, fearlessness and nurturing characteristics of women. Cue the waterworks.

And beneath all of the explosions, fights and drama, there's a few light-hearted moments that bring a laughs in addition to eye candy, courtesy of her partner in crime Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine).

I won't spoil the ending for you, but I will say bring tissues. 

Overall, I give this film an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars. Like, I would definitely pay to see it again, and I might even wear my new Wonder Woman jacket to the theater. (No seriously, I'm thinking of buying this one on Amazon right now.) 

Have you seen Wonder Woman? If so, what did you think? Let me hear in the comments!